It’s the experience that surrounds

Although the product is essential within your company’s value proposition, it is not the only relevant thing. More important than what you sell is how you sell it . The how refers to all the aspects that complement the customer experience. The product is just the tip of the iceberg. If what your customers sell can also be found elsewhere, more or less similar, that is when you should make the most effort to amplify the experience, seeking to make it the reason why your customers will prefer you. That is, they don’t buy from you (only) for the product, but (especially) for the experience. Sushi restaurant entertainment in a city there are a large number of sushi restaurants, It’s the each with its own style, seeking to differentiate itself. The menu and the dishes they offer may be an alternative, but usually they all offer the same options.

The passion for bread begins

The variations are minimal. Why then would a customer choose one place over another? In the case of this restaurant, for the entertainment . The product is of course the main component, but it is the magic around it that really creates a completely different and company data attractive experience for a certain segment of customers who appreciate it. Every interaction and part of the process is an event.of course the product must be good (if the basics don’t work, the details don’t make you fall in love), but it is what each person experiences that makes the experience memorable and that there is an argument for differentiation. Can it make your business more entertaining?

The breaking point

This example does not only apply to restaurants, it applies to any business, because regardless of what you sell, we are all in the entertainment business . See beyond the simple functionality of the product and move to the experience it represents for your EU Email List customers . Benlewis gaviria was born in caracas, but at a very early age he moved to san cristóbal in the state of táchira, in venezuela. For several years he marketed products from the productos polar company (flour, rice, beers, etc.). It’s the Everything was going well, until in 2015, given the unsustainable political and economic difficulties, he finally had to leave his country. Leaving his life behind but with hope for a better future, he decides to take a new direction.

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