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Actions can seem awkward and things can be The best annual exaggerat easily. However, keep these in mind to avoid greenwashing in your own marketing: Make the communication about responsibility go the same way as the actions. Avoid exaggerating things and remember to be honest. Arouse interest in responsibility by communicating to your target group with an interesting angle. For this, you ne to know your buyer personas to whom you are messaging. A message with solid facts and figures . Take advantage of the concrete

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Calculations of the responsibility reporting and tell us what your company’s certificates mean in practice. Summary: Accountability is never done Responsible marketing is both actions business database and words. Marketing can be done responsibly, but responsibility statements in marketing require correct, responsible actions from the company. Today, it is no longer enough to say that you are responsible, but it requires a more detail explanation of how responsibility manifests itself. Even though you can’t be perfect or be ready when it

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You shouldn’t despair. The most important thing is to be aware of what responsibility means in your own business, what is the plan to promote it, and to be honest with EU Email List responsibility claims. The responsibility journey of all of us is still at a stage. You can get start with using responsibility perspectives for different buyer personas when you download our buyer persona guide! With the help of buyer personas , you do marketing that adapts to the buying process of your most important customers and supports their decision-

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