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Sabato, 1972, pp. 145-146) This isolation and the character’s desperate attempt to find someone with whom to share his contempt for a world that takes solace in moral rot and barbarism, is the reflection in the field of fiction of that denunciation of the spiritual debacle in which we find ourselves. That Purpose Cultural we debate, formulat with distressing insistence by the author of The Tunnel in his essayistic work. This bankruptcy of the Sabato civilization has been looming since the distant times of the Renaissance. Turning to ideas formulat years before by the personalist philosopher Nicolás Berdiaeff,

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Sabato maintains, in a passage from Men and Gears(1973, p. 17; 89), that the Renaissance l to three great paradoxes. Encouraging individualism, it end in massification, which transforms man into a statistical figure; Promoting and making room for business email list humanism within it, it produc nothing but dehumanization and favor the apogee of mathematical abstraction as an exemplary means of studying reality; and seeking to make room for the healthy development of a naturalism that sought to shake off the theological irons and free human creative forces, end up in the dogma of machineism.

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In a scenario like this is where the great evils that plague our culture begin and thanks to which the world is going through the crisis that embodies in the excessive desire for control of the environment, and in the idolatry surrender to scientific knowlge and the technological power that that makes it possible. In Apologies EU Email List and Rejections. Not only. That Purpose Cultural Sabato would present the multidimensional, contradictory, almost savage image of an emblematic figure of the Renaissance, Leonardo Da Vinci, an obsessive seeker, determin to understand man and nature, and convinc of being able to achieve the

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