What is remarketing and how does it work in digital

One of the main reasons why we are talking about remarketing today is its great ability to increase conversions. Its operation is based on a very simple logic: the consumer rarely makes a purchase after the first contact. What’s more, according to what Google itself informs us, only 3% of people who come to an e-commerce make an immediate purchase. This is why we need strategies like remarketing. Thanks to them, we will be able to increase conversion. But… what is remarketing? In this article we tell you Remarketing is a type of strategy that is used to impact a person who has already interacted in some way with the brand or showed interest in it. For example, it can be applied to people who have visited the website.

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Videos on YouTube, who follow us on social media, who requested information from us but never responded again, or who left an abandoned cart. The tools we find to Betting Email List put all this into practice are, among others, email marketing and advertising. With these initiatives we seek to remind the user that we are there as a brand and that they can resume contact with us or complete an action that they left half done. What is remarketing in Google Ads? Now that we know what remarketing is in digital marketing, let’s talk about the tools we can use to get it started. The first of them is Google Ads. It is presented as the most popular on the market to develop this type of strategies.

Betting Email List

When this happens

Users are marked with a cookie. And that’s where the magic begins. Thanks to this cookie, we can activate an advertising campaign specially EU Email List  designed for them. This implies a certain degree of customization in both the texts and the creatives used. When asked what remarketing is in Google Ads, one. Could answer that it is a personalized advertising campaign. For those who have shown interest in our. Website or in one of our products or services.  What is remarketing in Facebook Ads? If we focus on Facebook Ads, the logic is similar, but in this case we are talking about ads that will be displayed only in the Meta interface. When we carry out advertising campaigns on this social network, it is essential to add the so-called Facebook pixel to our website.

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