5 examples of emails at different stages of the funnel

 It has retail stores but also operates online. Mailcharts reports that the company sends an average of 3.75 emails a week and 85 percent of those are promotional. Why does it work? This email focuses on time running out or ‘ticking’ to drive a sense of urgency. It cements this by saying that any item will run out soon. tapping into a sense of FOMO. The CTA uses active language. ‘Activate 15% off’ to prompt clicking. The email also shows examples of books to drive interest. and rather than your standard ‘BUY NOW’ as a call to action it urges people to ‘CHECK AVAILABILITY’ tying into the fact this offer and stock will run out. Why Choose DMI?

Subscription email - LEGO

Subscription email – LEGO LEGO subscribe email LEGO subscribe email As a modern-day superbrand. LEGO offers enormous scope for fun and play in its new database marketing. It has huge brand recognition and builds on its strengths in its email marketing. Interestingly. the company only sends 1 email a week and none of those are promotional reports Mailcharts. Why does it work? The subject line of this email is simple ‘Thank You for Subscribing’ but it follows through when opene by repeating the same text in the first panel. The sub-text reassures the recipient that they will never miss out on any offers as they are now a subscriber and invites them to ‘SHOP NOW’.

With a free subscription

The second panel offers value to the reader along with a free subscription. The offer of free coloring pages drives people to the website as a thank you. A small  gesture. but one that leaves a positive feeling. 4) Nurture EU Email List email – Harry’s Harry’s nurture email example Harry’s nurture email example Men’s grooming and shave supplies company Harry’s offers a subscription-base service along with online and retail channels. It sends one email a week and all of its emails are promotional. reports Mailcharts. Why does it work?

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